Private Security


From routine security patrols to site security and monitoring to VIP protective services DragonForce is the security technology to ensure the safety and security of the clients, visitors, and facilities you serve and protect. We provide a secure, collaborative platform that supports internal and external interoperability, along with the ability to monitor your field personnel through the Vigilance Lone Worker module. The DragonForce Vigilance module provides defined check-ins & challenges to confirm the worker’s status, manage your daily operations, and mitigate any potentially dangerous situations.

DragonForce’s powerful, yet easy to use collaboration and communication tools empower your employees to plan, train, execute and report on any type of security operation or situation, making sure that they are both safe and productive as they safeguard your clients, employees, and facilities.

Personnel Tracking

DragonForce users can see the real-time location of members within their group. Users can be tracked automatically via GPS and device location and manually by pinning your location on the map.

Lone Worker Module

Many field operations involve employees working alone in remote locations. The DF Vigilance Lone Worker module provides an easy to use solution to ensure worker safety and accountability.

DragonForce Vigilance

Digital Forms

DragonForce replaces your paper documents with digital situation reports (SitReps) and custom forms. Sitreps are collaborative forms where multiple users can edit the document simultaneously.

From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

One Tool Many Tasks

Performing Drills

Capturing Incident Reports

Remote Monitoring

Personnel Safety

Perimeter Security

VIP/Site Evacuation

Leverage Your Investments

Please complete the form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and operational use cases and make arrangements for a full DragonForce demo. The DragonForce team is here to support our customers and troubleshoot your system remotely, resulting in a more expedient service to keep you up and running when time is of the essence. For any technical problems or questions, please email

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