DragonForce Core Features

Group Management

Delegate group members to manage an operation

Tactical Whiteboarding

Contribute to the common operating picture using customizable annotation tools

Secure Messaging

Send messages to entire groups or individual users

Personnel Tracking

Displays the real-time location of the members inside a group

Digital Forms and Reports

Fully customizable forms allow users to capture the media and text fields they need

File Sharing

Create or upload and contribute items like floor-plans and documents to the group

Web & Mobile Clients DragonForce DragonForce is a mobile team collaboration platform that delivers mission-critical command and control and incident management capabilities.

The DragonForce collaborative experience is delivered via the DragonForce Mobile and DragonForce Web clients.
Collaborative White-boarding Collaborative White-boarding
Any map, image or floor-plan that is imported into DragonForce is automatically converted into a shared whiteboard.
Team members can draw lines and shapes as well as place and move customizable icons giving you a shared digital chessboard experience to accelerate and enhance both mission planning and operations.

Tracking Real-time Personnel Tracking DragonForce users can see the real-time location of members within their group. Users can be tracked automatically via GPS and device location and manually by pinning your location on the map.

Manual location is useful when the device does not have GPS or cannot acquire a precise GPS fix.

Messaging Tools Secure Messaging DragonForce gives you a secure text messaging service that allows users to broadcast messages to entire groups or engage in private point-to-point conversations.
As with all DragonForce data, your messages are encrypted (256-bit AES) in transit and at rest.
Situation Report (Missing Child Form) Situation Reports DragonForce replaces your paper documents with digital situation reports (SitReps) and forms. Sitreps are collaborative forms where multiple users can edit the document simultaneously.

Thus ensuring that the latest updates are shared instantaneously with key decision makers and command staff.
Multiple Group Support Multiple Group Support DragonForce team collaboration takes place in Groups. You may form as many Groups as you need and populate them with personnel and documents of your choice.

Only members of a group can see the shared texts, documents. And locations for that group.

You may also designate which users have permission to create and manage groups.

File Sharing and Storage File Sharing & Storage DragonForce gives you a complete file sharing and storage capability. Simply drag-and-drop a document from your desktop or upload a file from your cloud storage provider into a DragonForce group and the document is immediately shared with everyone on the team.

DragonForce also gives you secure “cloud storage” space for commonly used documents like floor-plans of area schools and malls, emergency procedure guides, mugshots of persons of interest.
Multimedia Multimedia The DragonForce multimedia feature allows users to upload videos into the group workspace and capture photos, which can then be used as a collaborative whiteboard. Web Command DragonForce Web DragonForce Web gives you access to all the tools of DragonForce mobile plus access to the DragonForce administrative and reporting tools.

The layout and toolset of the DragonForce Web. Workspace is fully customizable, allowing you to manage multiple groups simultaneously.

DragonForce Web provides multiple monitor support giving your maximum flexibility to build the common operating picture you need. For complex operations.
Slide Push-To-Talk (PTT) DragonForce integrates Zello’s push-to-talk features to dynamically create voice channels that are automatically associated with DragonForce team collaboration groups.

Zello’s PTT voice channels augment DragonForce’s core collaboration tools – real-time personnel tracking, secure messaging, tactical whiteboarding, and shared situational reporting to offer a complete collaboration platform.

The DragonForce Overview

One Tool - Many Missions

City of Salem Protest Response

Drakontas, the maker of the industry-leading commanding control platform, DragonForce, and City of Salem, OR, have upgraded their emergency response operations. The City of Salem asked for support with a trial during the recent state of Oregon Capital Protection detail and crowd control needs during the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Dragonforce was able to provision and deploy users within less than an hour and train the city of Salem users to augment their systems in their new Emergency Operations Center to monitor, adapt, and react to any situation that could arise during that time.

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Presidential Security

DragonForce customer Illinois State Police SWAT was assigned to provide protection for a Presidential visit by President Donald Trump.

DragonForce was utilized in the planning, performance and execution to secure the president and his security detail as he arrived and gave his speech to the international public safety leaders. The activities involved with the coordination included Riot / Protestor Monitoring, Presidential Security, SWAT Sniper tracking,…

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Democratic Debate

DragonForce customer Franklin County Ohio Sheriff’s Office is assigned to lead the coordination and collaboration of all federal, state, local, and campus security forces for the largest U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate at Otterbein University.

DragonForce was used as a planning tool to develop a deployment strategy for the numerous security agencies involved in the event. During the event DragonForce was used to provide shared situational awareness and coordinate security forces as they monitored the crowd and numerous protester groups that occupied the college campus and debate venues. Participating agencies included,…

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