DragonForce Launch

DragonForce Launch combines the power of the industry-leading command and control platform, DragonForce, with the real-time video streaming and augmented reality service Responder Air.


As a first-to-market offering, DragonForce Launch is based on the same airborne blue force tracking technology the military has used for years. DragonForce Launch provides stakeholders a 2D top-down operational view displaying user status and location, map annotations, whiteboards and floorplans, geotagged files, and multimedia.


UAV Streaming

This solution also includes shared video streams, with augmented reality showing the real-time location of your DragonForce users along with their alias for easy identification and reference from the air. This capability extends beyond UAVs servicing bomb robots, aircraft, or helicopters with existing cameras, tactical cameras, and any other device connected to an HDMI port.

If you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your current operations, use DragonForce Launch to meet and exceed those needs to manage your resources, business processes and expedite emergency responses.

DragonForce Launch Includes


  • Unlimited collaboration groups can be created to support any type of mission: day-to-day patrol, tactical OPS, search & rescue, incident management, disaster management

  • Collaborative whiteboarding on maps, photos, and floorplans


  • Real-time personnel tracking

  • Secure text messaging: point-to-point, group, broadcasts

  • Push-to-Talk with dynamic talk group creation (optional)

  • Targeted SMS call out to offline users


  • Roster dashboard showing the identity, location, and operational status of every member in your organization

  • Digital Forms & Situation reports

  • Document storage & sharing

  • After-action reporting and archiving of missions


  • Personnel Tracking Publishing to Responder Air AR

  • UAV location updates seen within DF Command and Mobile maps

  • UAV site marker publishing to DragonForce mission

  • Responder Cast (Single Channel / Multiple UAV Video Streaming)

  • Responder Air AR (Locked to a Single UAV Serial #)

Accident Recreation


From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Crowd Control

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Tactical Response

Disaster Response

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