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Quick Feature Layers

DragonForce Quick Feature Layers (QFL) enables dynamic operational maps in seconds. Quickly overlay outage information, recovery, and crew locations in real-time. Easily display natural disaster storm paths or an ad hoc map overlay that needs to get out quickly to your team.

Quick Feature Layers Video

UAV Streaming

Supplement your manual processes by utilizing UAV streaming to inspect pipelines and power lines. Quickly access storm damage, prevent outages, identify defects and decide on the best course of action while avoiding potential hazards. UAV streaming provides better visibility and increased worker safety.

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DragonForce Vigilance

Many field operations involve employees working alone in remote locations. The DF Vigilance Lone Worker module provides an easy to use solution to ensure worker safety and accountability. Field workers are reassured help will be dispatched immediately in the event of unpredictable circumstances.

DragonForce Vigilance

Aerial Inspection

Monitor Infrastructure

From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Worker Safety

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Damage Assessment

Disaster Response

Customer Use Case

BH Planning | Wise Co. TX

Uses DragonForce for the following:

  •  Daily Personnel Task Assignments

  •  Pipeline Maintenance & Mowing

  •  Client Reports of Tasks Completed

  •  Safety & Security for Lone Workers

  •  Personnel Accountability

  •  Project Status & Access Control

  •  Critical Infrastructure Identification

Operate Inside & Outside Your Organization

Share messages, photos, reports and location information with anyone in your organization by forming a DragonForce “Mixed Group.” Easily operate and share critical site information with First Responders for any incident or response needed. Create pre-plans with local agencies to shorten response times and increase safety.

Leverage Your Investments

Please complete the form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and operational use cases and make arrangements for a full DragonForce demo. The DragonForce team is here to support our customers and troubleshoot your system remotely, resulting in a more expedient service to keep you up and running when time is of the essence. For any technical problems or questions, please email

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