DRAKONTAS - Collaboration Tools
DragonForce is a Team Collaboration application that provides:
  • Command and Control
  • Shared Situational Awareness
  • Incident Management
DragonForce can be used in many operations:
  • Day-to-day policing, security and campus safety & first responder operations
  • Specialized tactical and emergency response teams (SWAT, Hazmat, K-9, Bomb Squad, Disaster Response)
  • Special event and emergency management
  • Search & Rescue missions
  • Any operation requiring team tracking and coordination
DragonForce operates on commercial devices:
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Toughpad
  • Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)
DragonForce uses commercial data networks:
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G
  • Satellite
DragonForce’s key features include:
  • Real-time personnel tracking on maps
  • Collaborative whiteboards and situation reports (images, maps, floor plans and diagrams can be used as collaborative whiteboards for mission planning and operations)
  • Instant messaging among individuals and groups
  • Online storage and sharing of frequently used files, maps and images
  • After-action reporting - every message, location report and file is logged
DragonForce deployment options to meet your organization’s needs:
  • In the Cloud, providing a secure and scalable solution
  • In your IT infrastructure, inside your firewall and managed by your IT staff
DragonForce is extensible and customizable:
  • Bring your existing data and systems into the DragonForce collaborative experience
  • Inquire about integrating your GIS, CAD, RMS, IP camera systems with DragonForce
Command Center

The Command Center application runs in any standard web browser (Chrome, FireFox, IE, Safari) giving you easy access to your data and freeing you from installing any software.

Team management is simple:
  1. Create a new collaborative group with a single click.
  2. Add personnel and files to the group using the intuitive drag and drop interface.
  3. That’s it!—The members of the group now have a shared map, a group text messaging channel, and collaborative whiteboard access to all the images that have been added to the group.
Feature Highlight: Multi-monitor Support
The DragonForce Command Center supports multiple monitors allowing you to organize your maps, whiteboards and text message feeds the way you want.
DF Mobile

DragonForce Handheld is a native app that you download and install on your smartphone giving you secure access to all your mission critical data.

DragonForce Handheld leverages the GPS on your phone allowing you to track yourself and your teammates in real time.

Feature Highlight: Dead reckoning
Sometimes GPS just doesn’t work—You are inside a building or urban canyon, or maybe your device simply does not have GPS. No problem. By simply touching or clicking a point on the map, DragonForce allows you to “dead reckon” your location so your teammates will know exactly where you are.
Conceptual View of DragonForce Cloud Deployment
DragonForce Spec Sheet DragonForce Demo Video