4.2 | Profile & Global Account Settings

The Profile tab contains a series of descriptive fields related to a user.

To complete a new user profile, simply enter the required user information in each field and click the checkmark to save all changes made.

Clearance Level

Each DragonForce user has a clearance level parameter. This Parameter is ordinal and ranges from 0 to N, where 0 represents the lowest level of clearance and progressively higher numbers represent higher levels of clearance. Clearance levels can also be applied to DF information objects e.g. whiteboards, sitreps.


The user color provides a customizable palette helping users visually distinguish group members.

Preferred Units

Allows the user to select Metric or US/Imperial units of measurement.

Global Account Settings

The Global Account Settings tab gives the administrator the authority to enable or disable a user account (Account Status) and their resources (my Resources) across all DragonForce departments.

To enable the user’s global account, simply tick the box next to the preferred setting and click the checkmark to save all changes made.