4.4 | Import/Export User List

The ability to import and export user lists is afforded only to the site administrator.

To import a user list, under the user manager click import > select a document from your system’s file storage > click import

To export a user list, under the user manager click export > proceed > download

Exported User List Example


A – F ~ The user’s profile and password information

G ~ The color column displays the user’s individual color in hex values

H ~ The clearance is the user’s authorization level for viewing and accessing files

I ~ The user’s mobile number

J ~ The active column means the user is activated in the system

1 = activated | 0 = deactivated

K ~ The authentication source signifies the login point: The user is native if logged in via DragonForce. Native is the default setting.

L – M ~ These columns tell you if the user is a Site or Location administrator

1 = yes/enabled | 0 = no/disabled

N ~ The user has access to “my resources

1 = yes/enabled | 0 = no/disabled

O ~ A user can be tuned to only one department at a time; hence the active department

P ~ A list of departments of which the user is a member

Q – Z ~ User permissions for each department

If the department name is displayed in the field the user is granted the permission listed

AA, AB, AC ~ The user’s cross department capabilities