4.2 – Archiving & Restoring Groups

Archiving a Group

Groups can be archived from both the DragonForce web and mobile platforms.

Learn how to view, restore, and export data from archived groups

To archive a group or incident via web:

1. Open the group/incident manager

2. Right-click on the preferred group or incident

3. Click Archive > click the checkmark to confirm

To archive a group or incident via mobile:

1. From the group manager tab, select the preferred group option menu

2. Tap manage group

3. Hit archive > tap the checkmark to confirm

Restoring Groups

You can access and restore archived groups only from the web command. The restoration capability is limited to managers/commanders of the group or incident.

To restore a group/incident:

1. Open the main options menu > Archived Groups 

2. Select a group/incident from the list

3. Right-click on the group/incident > restore