DragonForce leads the way with Dynamic Group Voice and Data Collaboration Solution

Blue Bell, PA April 19, 2022 – Drakontas, the maker of the DragonForce command and control platform, has launched an innovative new approach to integrated voice and data. DragonForce provides worldwide push-to-talk (PTT) voice services offering public safety, workers, and communities, a unified approach to simplified collaboration.

DragonForce now seamlessly integrates worldwide push-to-talk capabilities to dynamically create talkgroup channels that are automatically associated with DragonForce team collaboration groups. PTT voice channels augment DragonForce’s core collaboration tools, including real-time personnel tracking, secure messaging, tactical whiteboarding, and shared situational reporting to offer a complete collaboration platform. Agencies are no longer bound to the limited reach of their terrestrial radio systems.

“The integration of PTT into DragonForce was developed in response to strong customer demand for an affordable and easy-to-use voice capability to be added to the DragonForce team collaboration experience,” said James Sim, Drakontas’ CEO. “Incidents that require inter-agency interoperability or quick response groups will benefit from this new capability since talk groups can be created dynamically directly from the smartphone in seconds. You no longer need to wait for a patch or tactical channel to be set up. Simply select the users you want added to your collaboration group, and with one click everyone can communicate seamlessly.”

“Radio airtime is a valuable resource and even in the times of encryption, radio comms are still recorded and discoverable. Having the ability to use DragonForces’ PTT on operations further adds to our communication capabilities and allows for detailed audio planning and coordination without trying to be cryptic on the regular radio system. PTT also allows individual elements to plan and coordinate without clogging the main net.” Lt. Matt Riddle, Salem, OR Police Department, said, “Too much radio chatter that everyone can hear becomes overwhelming and discourages people from paying attention due to the unnecessary noise. We’ve been able to create sub-groups that can chat amongst their elements and not bother anyone else.”

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About Drakontas

Drakontas is a leading provider of command and control, incident management solutions to the domestic and international public safety community. Its DragonForce team collaboration platform delivers a tightly integrated set of powerful, yet easy to use tools on standard smartphones and web browsers. DragonForce’s personnel tracking, tactical whiteboarding, digital forms, secure messaging, video streaming, push-to-talk and file sharing empower first responders to make faster, safer, and more effective decisions and actions during day-to-day to large-scale incident operations.  

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